From 01.07.2024 we offer new balcony power plants again.
With our partner company Sunpro Power we are on the safe side for top modules.
Tier 1 module manufacturer
Sunpro Power Co, Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that takes photovoltaic research and development and manufacturing as its core.
The company is mainly engaged in PV cells, PV modules and the design, development, production and sales of photovoltaic systems. Our products are widely applied in front-end areas, for example, commercial, residential and industrial off-grid and grid-connected solar power generation systems as well as photovoltaic power plants, etc.
Sunpro Power
Sunpro had established an industry-leading automatic photovoltaic module production line, which included automatic cell sorting machines, automatic glass lifting machines, EVA paving machines, automatic single welding and series welding machines, EL testing machines, automatic edge cutters, automatic integrated sealant and frame machines, automatic integrated durable and insulated ground continuity testing machines, etc., with a capacity of 2.5 GW per year.
Sunpro Power puts quality and safety first. A comprehensive quality control and management system was established at the very early stage of Sunpro's establishment. Factory qualification and operational safety, production quality standards and self-inspection prior to delivery of solar modules. The modules are tested, qualified and inspected in the laboratory for their performance in extremely harsh environments.